The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education

Generally, children are sent to schools when they reach the age of six in order to get education so that they can have good futures. So, why do people need to study? What’s the importance of Education, all in all?

Education has many advantages to all people worldwide. For one thing, education is the main point to development of human resources in every country throughout the whole world. If there is no education, people will not have any knowledge to make themselves, their families and their countries better; in other words, people will start living just like animals, for education is partly what makes human different from other beasts. On the contrary, when people are well-educated, they will have good futures, good jobs, good living standards, and so the economics will grow as well as the human resources in the whole country. In addition to that, people with good education can communicate with each other easily because they are more sensible and they talk more logically than those with poor education. For instance, in the ancient times, people knew practically nothing about education. That’s why they did things rather foolishly, believed in illogical things, and, worse than that, they even killed each other for food. Later on, as human’s mind grew, people started to think better and did better. These are all because of education, because people recorded down what they learned and taught them to later generations.

Also, education has been really helpful to people in these centuries. As you can see, people can invent many new things, such as cars and computers, which make our lives even better than ever. More important than that, people can even predict dangers through the study of the past and present!

In addition to all these miracles above it can make, education can also teach us one thing which is very vital in our everyday lives: morality. People learn not only knowledge required for their future careers; they also study how to behave in the real society. Due to education, people know about the courtesy, how to be polite and respectful to people of all ages, etc. Meanwhile, people understand about love, friendship, optimism, and so on.

All of these examples above show that education actually plays an important role in our daily lives. Therefore, we should grab our chances to be educated when there is still time, and, if possible, we should contribute this knowledge to our later generations so as to develop our country, to make our country glow in glory.



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