Love and Study

Love and Study


“Love is friendship set on fire”


            You sure know about the intention of mine writing this blog, don’t you? Well, in case you don’t know, I write this blog only on two goals. First I want this blog to be a USEFUL entertainment to everybody all around the world, especially my own people Cambodians, and secondly, I want to express every opinion I’ve got and shared them. I just don’t want to keep all the problems in mind, for I think it would be a huge waste. So, instead, I write all of them down, and I think maybe I can tell others people about that. But in what ways? That I think of making a blog, and here I am, making my own blog, or, in other words, my own world of ideas.

            As for now, I would like to discuss about one vital problem for Khmer youths who are the main backbones of the country, and the problem is about Love during the education at school. Everybody has love for something, between themselves and their family, their country or the opposite sexes. The first two are supposedly good, but it’s the third kind of love that we should be worried about: Love between opposite sexes.

            It’s not an unusual matter that teenagers have love during their studies, for even though you try not to, love will come to you without you even knowing when it happened. But the important matter here is whether you can make it through your youth or not. Most inconsiderate Cambodian students have girlfriends or boyfriends at school, and they started absenting for classes in order to go out with their girlfriends or boyfriends. They find that going out is better than studying, and when they skip some lessons and come back, they will find the lessons difficult to understand; that is to say, they can’t keep up with the other students in class. Soon they will completely abandon their study. At home, they act like good kids to their parents, then they lie to their parents, ask them for money, and when they are out of their parents’ sight, school is not their destination anymore; study is not their intention any longer. The pathetic parents are busy finding money to support their children’s study until one day they heard on the news that there was an accident and their kids involved in that. How would they feel? Hopeless, of course. These are happening to many people here in Cambodia, as far as I’m concerned.

            On the other hand, a small amount of teenagers do have girlfriends or boyfriends, but they can divide the time to study and time to go out. Sometimes, but this doesn’t happen often, they want to study to get high education because their lovers like someone who is hardworking and successful in work. Another least-likely-to-happen example is, the couple both loves studying so they can cooperate and help each other in their study. Nonetheless, as I said above, these kinds of couples rarely exist here in Cambodia. More often than not, the good boy falls in love with the bad girl and soon he goes bad, or vice-versa. In Cambodia, it is very not likely that the good teenagers can turn the bad teenagers into the right way of life.

            So how can we deal with these two matters, Love and Study? Which one should we choose as our main determination? On my point of view, I think that if we are still students, we should think much more about education than love. My mom used to say to me, “Love at young age usually doesn’t last long. You cannot take this kind of love too seriously.”, and she also said that when we’re still studying at school, we should treat our friends as only our friends but no girlfriends or boyfriends. “What if I can’t help it?” I believe some of you would ask this question. Well, in that case, as many people also face that exact same problem, I suggest you should know how to divide your study time and the time you spend with your girlfriend or boyfriend (Learn more than think of love!). And for my last words, I just want to offer all of you young teenagers something to think about. We (as I am also a teenager) are still young; our path of life has a long way to go, and so does love. Maybe, just maybe, what you think now as your final goal of life won’t be the same in the future.


Haste makes Waste”

I have a Khmer poem here about Study and Love. Enjoy!


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