Some Tips on Self Studying


Everyone must be tired and exhausted after long day at school. pencilmanPlus, when you get home, you have to study by yourself preparing for tomorrow lessons or future exams. So tired just thinking of it! But now, you don’t have to worry anymore, for I’ve got some tips to help you out.

At home, you should study for about 40 minutes only. If you exceed this, you’ll probably get stressed out and give up studying. After studying for 40 minutes, you should put down your book and go for a walk or eat some snacks or watch TV for about 15 minutes. Then go back to study!

If possible, you can listen to music while you’re study. This will help you relax.

Try to have fun in your study. This website should be able to help you:

If you’re under pressure, don’t push yourself anymore. Pause your study for 15 minutes or so to relax and then you can come back.

When you study at night, you shouldn’t lay down while you’re reading your book, especially when you’re tired because often than not you’ll fall asleep. Instead, you should sit in your desk or sit up and study.

Study before the exam! It won’t help much if the exam’s tomorrow and you just start studying for it the day before the exam. If you ask me, I think you should study little by little from day to day of the lesson you learn since the first day.

When you’re sleepy and your eyelids are falling down, you can splash your face with some water so that you’ll refresh again. I suggest not drinking coffee to keep awake, for it can slow down your brain process and memory.

Don’t try to spend too much time studying. You’re just students; you have a long way to go in life, so take care of yourself. What is the point if you become the greatest student in the whole country today but you know you’ll die tomorrow? Take time to sleep. As a teenager like you, I recommend that you should sleep at least 5 to 6 hours a day.

Well, these aren’t much, but I hope they can help you better on your study. Just hope!

By: FIdele



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