Is there Justice in this world?

Is there Justice in this world?


I believe most people want to have justice in everything. No brother wants to get less love from his parents than his younger brother. No sister wants to wear her older sister’s old clothes. If these kinds of things happen, then they would consider them to be unfair or injustice. So one question is posted up: Is there really justice in this world?

In my opinion, I totally disagree. There are some reasons that could prove the existing of justice is false. First of all, human’s mind is not decided equally; in other words, at least there is a bit of it that is automatically different. Not to get too deep, just think of cutting a cake in half. Do you really think that you could measure the exact same length of each piece of cake? Even if you take out a ruler and measure it, I guarantee that it still won’t work. To your bare eyes, these two pieces of cake may seem identical, but in fact, it is not. Nothing is the same to each other. Nothing is identical, and so does the way of judging.In real life, a mother will also love between their children unequally. No matter how she tries to be neutral, she still tends to gentle the younger ones more than the older ones. Also, in court, the judge usually provides more privilege to the powerful party than the less powerful one. This is natural.

Everyone’s crying for freedom, for justice, but there really is no justice on this earth. The only fair and unprejudiced justice that we all share equally is….DEATH! Don’t get me wrong! Just think about it: if there’s already justice in this world, why would anyone strive for it? It is because that there is no real justice, good people try in order to attain this goal – the goal for justice, for equality. Even if we can’t reach it, we can try our best just to get near or next to it. However, some brainless fools take this no-justice-theory to hold people’s courages down and reinforce their own powers. For educated people, they will laugh at this silliness. The ones who use this “There is no justice in this world” saying for their own sake are so stupid that they don’t even actually perceive the real meaning behind it.

Therefore, I hope that from now on you can stop misunderstanding the idea that there is no justice in this world, for its true essence is not as what it seems like. And last but not least, I hope, in the future, there will be more justice done.


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