Can We Win Ourselves?

Can We Win Ourselves?


There are some basic facts that divide human from animals, but the most important thing that makes the difference is our ability to think and develop. That is true; animals have only instinct whereas human has both instinct and conscience. We have made a lot of evolution of ourselves; we can build wonderful things, invent things that were thought impossible, etc. We could say that human has changed this world. However, could we change our own selves? In other words, could we win ourselves?

On this matter, I’m not really sure myself, but I feel that it is an almost impossible thing to achieve. In our body, there are two unseen sides – the dark and the light. Some people tend to go on gradually to the darkness and some make an effort to keep their mind inside the light. Nevertheless, the dark always keep gaining on and invading the light so that it makes want-to-be-good people even more difficult to be what they strive for. If we have to do some work, there will constantly be, most or least, a kind of laziness that hinders and keeps holding us back. For those who can overcome this obstacle, there will no problem. Nonetheless, for those who can’t make it, their task will never be done and they can, later on, regret for not doing it. A proverb that should be remembered is, ‘Laziness is the root of all bad things.’ More often than not, the darkness inside ourselves is never to be omitted or destroyed completely. It will all keep coming back in one way or the other.

On the contrary, some scholars who understand the wisdom of mind are able to compete with this darkness and win themselves a big prize of life – happiness of mind. For my own self, I must admit that I can’t do it. I mean, it certainly is a very such a huge problem that if we can attain it, we will be like GOD or something. Anyway, I still continue trying to overcome the strongest arch-enemy of mine – ME! And I will never give up this battle no matter what, for there is a slogan that always reminds me, ‘Winning yourself is better than winning the others.’ I hope that all of you never stop trying to win yourselves even though there is no guarantee that it will be absolutely terminated if we do so, and one last thing: See no Evil. Talk no Evil. Hear no Evil. And Think no Evil.



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