Is Lie Good or Bad?

Is Lie Good or Bad?


All of us do lie in some parts or most parts of our life. Every people lie; in other words, no one never tells lies in their life. Even the most respected person worldwide sometimes lies. That is why I pick up this topic to analyze whether lie is a good thing or bad one. Once again, is lie good or bad? Read on.

            According to some facts, lie is considered to be bad, and most people hate liars. On most of their points of view, they think that the people who lie are very bad and irresponsible. Liar can be someone who did something wrong and lie in order to avoid criticism or punishment. Some liars can make some certain problems worse. For example, a person who works for a company provides false information to the company in order to serve his or her own benefit. Through that way, the company can seriously face bankruptcy and many people in the company will lose their jobs and can even end up in deep poverty. Yes, a lot of people want only honest people and not liars. Moreover, some liars can even pay big price for their lie. Let’s take a well-known story for example. In a village, a cowboy who really likes to lie one day ran down to the village and told the villagers that his cows were being attacked by tigers. The villagers actually took this matter seriously and after preparing weapons to fight the tigers, they set off together to the cow field. To their anger, the cows were all O.K. and the cowboy started laughing at them all for their belief. Only next time the tigers really came to attack the cows, and when the boy went to ask the villagers for help, everyone ignored him. Some thought that it was just his other foolish lie. For some other people who knew he told the truth, they still didn’t care because they wanted to avenge him for his bad lie. Eventually, the boy started crying and regretting what he had done. As you see in this story, lie can be really bad, even for the liar himself.

            On the contrary to all the things said above, lie can be a good thing in some ways. Some people tell lie in order not to make someone feel bad. For instance, a girl was actually not a good-looking girl, but when she asked her dad how she looked, he, being her father, didn’t want to hurt his daughter’s feeling. So, he told her that she looked beautiful, that she looked just fine. If he did that, even if the girl knew herself that she wasn’t pretty, she still felt happy because of her dad’s kind words to her. This lie is called a White Lie, and thoughtfully it is not very bad at all. In life, sometimes lying is better than telling only the truth, just like a Khmer proverb that says, ផ្លូវ​វាច​កុំ​បោះ​បង់​ផ្លូវ​ត្រង់​កុំ​ដើរ​ហោង which means in English that we shouldn’t abandon either the bad ways or the good ways of doing things. In some cases, people don’t really like people who always tell the truth without minding other people’s emotion.

            All these examples point out that LIE, in particular everything, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only question that matters now is, ‘Now that you know it, what will you choose to be, a liar or a truth teller?’ In my opinion, both are fine, so I choose to be both. When the time is right, I think I will know who to choose. Anyway, I have some last words to tell you. Every single thing that is too much or too little should not be accepted.



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