A Point of View of Anger and Mistakes

A Point of View of Anger and Mistakes


No one is perfect. That’s an absolute proverb which is very commonly known worldwide. People make mistakes, make up for it, or sometimes they continue making the same old mistakes without realizing the disadvantage of it or they just don’t care. Some may wonder why usually they can’t get away from making mistakes; they even blame themselves, ‘I’m a loser. I do everything wrong all the time.’ Anger is one of them.

People, when becoming angry, seem to lose control of themselves and let their rage destroy anything around them, including their own selves. It is only after they calm down that they realize how bad their actions were. Afterwards they shall regret doing it. This happens to every human being with no exception. So how can we control our anger? By letting it out? No! That’s a very unacceptable answer. According to a book talking about psychological treatment of people’s mind, experts suggest that when you are getting mad at someone, you must not say anything as your anger boils inside you at all, I repeat, AT ALL! Instead, you should just walk away from the gloomy situation you are in. For instance, you and your wife are having a quarrel over something, so you must not spit your anger out in actions, in particular scold your wife or hit her or anything. All you’d better do is leaving from the argument, for example leaving the room. After some time that you’re sure you have calmed yourself down, you can go talk to your wife about the problems in a peaceful method. In this later encounter it will help a lot since you are no longer furious. Believe me, anger cannot help you with anything; to be precise, it only ruins you. A should-never-be -forgotten saying claims that, ‘Anger begins with foolishness and ends in regret.’ Also, another worth remembering slogan clearly states, ‘For every 10 minutes you are angry, you lose 600 seconds of happiness.’ Apart from English but still meaningful, a Khmer proverb states this as well, ខឹង​ខុស ខឹង​ខូច ខឹង​ខាត.’

Thus, anger, according to all the facts said above, is not supposed to be a good mood to be held inside you. It is better than not to reduce and control your fury as much as you can so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences. People make mistakes, but they can learn from them as experiences and avoid the same ones later. It is not important how many mistakes you make; the importance is whether or not you choose to learn from them. Considerately, this is just what LIFE is all about – always learning until the last breath in your lung. Again, no one is perfect.


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