What is stress? Stress is a feeling of being under pressure. Of all the people dwelling on earth stress is commonly among them. Stress can happen at any time, anywhere, and we can’t avoid stress no matter what. However, we can do something about it.

Stress, like everything else, has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, people believe stress to be a bad token. Yes, they may be right. When you under a lot of stress, you can never properly do or achieve anything and you seem to find that everything around you is gloomy. You can’t think under pressure. Your work, even if it can be done, will not be as good as it is done while stress free. Stress can also be a reason leading to anger, arguments and etcetera. Therefore, stress, on most points of view, is not supposed to be a good feeling.

Nevertheless, stress sometimes can be good. For instance, tomorrow is your final exam’s day, so you, much or less, would be stressful. Then, you will try to study harder in order to ensure that you won’t fail the test. This kind of stress can be good.

All these examples above clearly show that stress can either be good or bad; it all depends on us who are the stress bearer. All in all, it is better to not have stress. So one question pops up, ‘How can we reduce stress?’ Well, there are some tactics which I believe could help you reduce stress in your daily lives:

1. When you are getting stressful in your work area, you should take leave from that place to go somewhere else so that you can relax your mind. You can walk around the department you’re working in, visit some of the co-workers and after a moment or two you can get back to work. All these are done to let your brain relax of the stressful activities and also let it absorb new sights rather than just focusing only on your work.

2. If you are a student, you should create your own study plan and implement it regularly. You have to study all the lessons before the exam comes! You can’t just expect to memorize all those units from the start of term in one day or two – you’ll never get grades for your test whatsoever! And even if you do, it’s just a damn luck, and believe me, it won’t happen so fortunate all the time. My advice is that you have to revise them every day since the day the school starts!

3. You shouldn’t care too much about the problems in your daily lives. It doesn’t mean that you should not do anything about it – you do need to deal with them, but you don’t have to try too much that it can destroy your happiness in turn. Buddha said, ‘As long as we live, the sorrow will never be wiped away’. I would say, ‘Who cares? If the sorrow is for eternity, then just overlook it.’ If there’s a problem, it is necessary that you find a good way to deal with it, but if you can’t, you should just face it with a smile on your face. That’s what I would do.

4. And last but not least, it is suggested that you list down all your worries in one paper. Then you can write down what you are going to do about them next to each problem. Upon finishing it, you can relax yourself and kick out all those complicated problems in your mind and be happy. By doing so, you won’t have to fuss over those problems again because you’ve already thought out the solutions.

These four above are just some main points I raise for reducing stress. You can do more research on it yourselves since I have introduced it to you. Even though we can’t eliminate stress, at least we can do something about it and make our lives better. The last thing I shall tell you is that you should be happy no matter what happens to you, for I believe that is the major factor which makes our lives worth living for. One phrase I love in the game Warcraft III is, ‘I laugh in the face of death! Ha ha ha!’ Long live happiness!



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