Should there be GOD?

Should there be GOD?


            In the Bible and other religions state similarly that God created earth, that someone who is divine created this planet. However, after many expeditions being done in order to prove the existence of this claimed God, scientists gave up their exploration and said there was no such thing as God. Then why was there God? Where is heaven and where is hell? Did people just make him up? If so, why did they have to do this? Everything must have an explanation, Einstein said.

            Some religious people believe that God was so powerful that no normal eyes can see, and some think that only the believers can see God. Another idea suggests that if you can’t see, feel or touch it, then it is not real. Nevertheless, people from the dawn of human evolution have believed that there was somehow someone far more powerful than their kind and that that person was the creator of all things. He was, after all, named God. Maybe some idiots created an imaginary word ‘God’ and announce falsely to the people that there was actually someone called God. These are from various points of view. It is also worth noticing that this one word ‘God’ has provoked endless wars between mankind. People fought each other for thousands of years in order to defend the name of their God, including Allah, Jesus Christ, etc. There is still a conflict between religions these days, especially between Muslim and Christianity. Why should everyone worship God if only his name bring such mass destruction to the world of mankind? Because of his name, tons of innocent people were killed. Why should he even exist?

            On the contrary, bearing the name of God does provide quite good fortunes for all people in the world. Because of him and his disciplines, people’s mind have been soften and tamed. Unlike Buddhism, in Christianity people who believe in God have more responsibility on their actions and dare to admit the truth because the Lord states that if you admit your mistakes to God, you won’t bear your sin anymore. Buddha states differently that your bad deeds and good deeds are divided differently and you will, after death, face a fair judgment. These two examples above between two different Gods, although different, have its own advantages and disadvantages. I don’t see why Buddhist people should blame Christianity and vice-versa. Nothing is perfect, that’s for sure. Even the Buddhist system is bad in some ways and the Christianity system has something the Buddhist system doesn’t have.

            In my opinions, I must say God does and does not exist. No, God does not exist, for no one has really see God. Someone who claims he or she has seen God still has no proof to testify their claim. Also, it is scientifically stated that God or Heaven or Hell or these Divinity things are all invisible or, to be precise, don’t actually exist in this universe. On the other hand, God does somehow exist. God is just like an imaginary image that stays in the mind of those who believe in him. You mind sees what it chooses to see. If believing in God can help make your life worthy, then I don’t see any reasons as to ban you from your belief. I, also, believe in God, for when I’m on to something stressful, I pray to God and ask him to help me. Even though I don’t know whether He is there to hear my words or even if He is real, I feel there is some sort of encouragement and courage for me to have faith that I’m going to do just great. Therefore, having faith in God is not all bad. You just have to believe! Have faith! Then He’s there in front of you (in your mind).

In addition, I don’t see why people should fight in their God’s name. If someone doesn’t believe in your God, why do you have to go to so much trouble in order to make that person have faith? Even if you kill that person, he/she still doesn’t believe in your God. It’s no use, after all, isn’t it? I don’t see why two people from different religions can’t be friends and have to look as if they want to kill each other. Why should there be many strict rules in each religion that everyone must follow? Some rules are good, but some are not so good. Why do all those religious people have to follow all those religious rules even knowing that they’re not good? Why don’t they do what they think is right? Why should they do or follow something they don’t even have a clue as to what it’s about? I don’t see why people are so blind and mindless just because of the God and the religions they believe in. In fact, God and Religion have nothing to do with all these evil things humans have caused. They are just two related words. It is the people who think incorrectly. It is the people themselves, who think foolishly that they are fighting for their Lords. The greatest conflict between religions is because of the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the people. What I want to point out here is that all these religious things were invented by men only. I dare say that humans have been being fooled by their own creation! It was the people who created God, and after that they became slaves to God. It was the people who created religions, and then they did exactly what the religions told them to without sometimes knowing that it was all made up by them.

Hmm…all I said are just words. What a beautiful place this world would be if everyone were willing to look up higher than their belief! Until then, maybe the world will already be destroyed, I think.


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