Why are black people being treated so badly?


In the whole world there are a big variety of nations of people, and those people have their own unique skin color in accordance to the regions they are living in. For example, in Europe most people have white skin because they live in a cold area while in Asia people have yellow skin. There are also people who have black skin, and they are mostly from Africa. Nowadays, this difference between skin colors and nations bring one of the biggest problems that provoked even the Civil War in America – the black and white people. So I want to raise a question, ‘Why have black people been being treated so poorly that they don’t almost have the rights equal to those of dogs? Why can’t they just be treated and respected like everyone else – like real human beings?’

I see not many white skin people treat those who have black skin quite well. Those people are called ‘racists’. Racists refer to the people who only praise those having the same race like them and hate other races. As a matter of fact, black-skinned people have never been seen as a piece of other races, let alone equal. It seems like the people don’t see them as humans at all, especially in the European countries. Maybe it is due to the experiences from the past that caused this hatred. In the past, the black-skinned people, in those times believed to be less educated than other races, were being used as slaves for merchants to sell and buy like goods. The USA was one of those countries who import many slaves into the country. Formerly, slaves were not treated as humans. Their owners treated them like dogs, or even worse than dogs, and let them do many things which sometimes exceeded their strength. If they did something wrong, the owners would punish them in every possible evil way such as hitting them with a whip and etcetera. People mocked black-skinned people, seeing them very easy to use as tools without any resistance. Most probably this culture of slavery has made an irremovable impact upon people’s mind until these single days.

On my own point of view, I absolutely protest on this racism issue. I mean, it’s just crazy. Black-skinned or white-skinned people…they are all people – all human beings. What is the point for lauding one race and look down on the other one? Aren’t those black people humans too? Maybe they think black people are stupid because they could be commanded easily and did whatever told without thinking it was against their conscience or not. If so, I would have to tell you these: THEY’RE WRONG! Very wrong! Do you actually believe that all those people who have other skin colors besides black are cleverer than those who have black skin colors? Just look at Barack Obama, the new president of the United States of America. He is black! But he can be a president, and more than that, the president of one of the most powerful countries on earth! Now look here, who is cleverer than whom? On this, I want to point out that each individual’s personality and aptitude DO NOT depend on their races, in other words their skin colors. A proverb also states, ‘True beauty comes from the inside’. Furthermore, the black-skinned people can sometimes do something that the white ones don’t even dream of. Believe it! So, don’t you ever look down on those people even if they don’t share the same races as you, specifically the black-skinned people!

Another important thing is also about the people’s opinion on black people. Some people think that black people are bad people, for they steal things, commit crimes, kill people, and they also think that black people don’t have orders in their living, that their living is full of anarchy. Well, that may be the case, but we have to see a problem from every corner, don’t we? First we have to think about why they commit crimes or kill people. Sometimes people are more, or too, optimist about their own races that it can, either consciously or subconsciously, overcome their conscience. For example, in a white-skinned people country, a black man and a white man are at court accusing each other of a crime. The white-skinned judge, no matter what, would likely take a stronger side on the white man because they are the same race. Worse than that, the black man may even lose the case although he actually didn’t commit the crime! This kind of tendency causes a lot angers and disappointments to the black people living in white-people countries due to the fact that they frequently take responsibilities for the white people’s mistakes. Feeling overwhelmed by angers, some of them could go out and do many evil things as said above, for they think whether they commit it or not, they still get the blame, so why don’t they really do it (crimes)?

All these described about are just some points that I myself have thought up and thought it would be worth it to contribute to you all. The main point of what I have said is that I just want all the people throughout the whole world to destroy the term ‘RACISM’ and be friends with each other. Also, I would like all of the racists to reconsider about their opinion, hoping that they can make a change and be open-minded to other races. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just forget about hatred and think about happiness and friendship? If there hadn’t been such thing as Hatred, Civil War in America wouldn’t have occurred and 600,000 lives wouldn’t have been lost. If there hadn’t been such thing as Hatred, the lives of 1.7 million people would have been saved from the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia. What a great place this world would be if people were willing to give up their hatred!

15 thoughts on “Why are black people being treated so badly?

  1. Everything is gonna change little by litte. White people are no special and they usually commit more suicides and other crazy murders like school shootings, killing their own familys, alcoholism etc. Especially Finland is full of these people and they are full of hate towards other nations. They still complain about immigrants though most of these immigrants dont want to live in Finland and they are not even offered any jobs or schools. Finland if fu—-up in many ways.

    I used to live in FInland and I dont want anybody experiencing the same shit I used to experience in Finland. Thanks alot Finland for almost ruining my life. I hope Finnish people will read this and think.

    Dont get me wrong. Not all Finnish are like this but most of them are bunch of racist people.


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