Is Winning Always Important?


As usual, no one wants to be a loser. Almost everyone wants to prove to the others that they are the best. Everybody strives to be on top of others. This might be a silly question but…is winning such an essential matter?

YES would be the most common answer for this question, and they might say it needn’t be asked. What to say…yes, they are right. Winning brings them many good results. If you outwit the other students and become the top of the class, not only but also your parents will be very proud and happy as to know that their kid is the best of people. Out of school, if you win your competitors over a business or a match, you will earn lots of money and feel very contented with yourself. For some people, winning is just like a state of being in heaven like no other. When you win other people, you will feel like you are being able to fly. Therefore, being a winner is an utmost vitality to everybody.

NO would be a stupid answer, of course. However, it is the kind of person I am, saying ‘No’ to a question that should be replied ‘Yes’, but with reasons. After observation in my everyday life, I see many want-to-be winners change their personality gradually until they end up being a completely different person. Some of them lie or hide from their friends about what they are studying or their study whereabouts because they fear that their friends may outsmart them. What’s more, when they have some good extra documents, they tend not to share with their friends, and when asked, they will probably say it was not easy to find those documents and that there is no reason why they should let their friends have them. On this matter, I suggest you reading my opinion in An Opinion on Sharing Knowledge. Because of wanting to win, friendship can be broken, friends can become foes. If there’s any person who does all these said above in order to win, I dare say he/she is the silliest and stupidest person I’ve ever met.

I also want to be a winner, for no one wants to see themselves being called a loser. But to be that particular person, I have my own way – the Fidele way! It’s my own unique way in order to discover myself, defeat myself, and win without any interference in my friendship or the other people. In any case, I don’t want to see myself becoming a king while the others live miserably.

“Winning yourself is better than winning the others.” Just ask yourself this question, ‘Have you ever, just for once, win your own self?’ If you can’t, you can’t be a true winner even if you win the whole people in the world. Smile!



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