Does Hard Work Always Bring Success?

It’s true that everyone believes in hard work optimistically. Some say it can bring good results and some say it is the key to succeed in anything. However, in any case, some people who work hard turn up to no good outcomes. So, is hard work really that good or is it just a fake belief?

Generally speaking, there are many people who have faith in hard work. They think hard work is what makes them strong, makes them capable of going through even the most difficult problems. And as the result, most of them do. For instance, in study, the one who gets the best grades in class is most probably the one who learns the most, the one who puts the most effort and determination into their learning. Hard work plays the same role in our daily lives. An ancient proverb stated that, ‘Food never gets into the mouth of a sleeping lion’, meaning you won’t have anything unless you work for it. For example, only the businessman who tries to contact and convince their customers gets the most incomes. On the contrary, the businessman, even if his shop is more modernized the others, will not get any customers if he doesn’t make any effort so as to lure customers in. Another example, if you are a poor man, but you try, in any condition, to earn your living and save the money you’ve earn for other future purposes, so sooner or later you will become rich, or at least your living standard gets up to a better state. Therefore, hard work is all what it takes to become a successor.

Nevertheless, some people who work hard don’t quite get the results they want to be. Although you study very hard both at home and at school, you can still get poor grades in class. Even though you try as much as you can go to bring yourself out of poverty, you can still end up in the same state as you did before, or even worse. No matter how strong your determination is, you may fail and hurt as much. According to these same unfortunate drawbacks, most people lose their faith in hard work and start to believe in destiny instead. They think that despite the fact that they double their effort ten times over, if their destiny is not to succeed, they will not, in any way, be successful. Thus, hard work is not a promising way to achieve something.

Comparing these two different opinions above, hard work does have its own pros and cons, and it is hard to decide which one outweighs the other. Nonetheless, everything requires a suitable explanation, and the question is, ‘How come hardworking people are turned off against their will?’ In my opinion, there is one thing that should be remembered, ‘When you work on something, there are two things you should expect for – success and failure.’ Being able to attain a task through hard work is an inevitable truth, but along with that there is also a possible downfall. Moreover, some people who think they are working hard don’t actually know what they are doing. Sometimes they just say that they are industrious, but they are, in fact, doing it all the way backwards. The key to success is not just to work hard, but you also have to know how to work hard; in other words, you have to understand what your goal really is and what tactics you can do to attain it, not just goofing around and call yourself a hard worker. Furthermore, knowing your limit is very wise as well. You’ve got to understand what you can do and what you can’t do. For instance, if you are poor, you can’t possibly behave like you are a wealthy person. Otherwise, you will just waste your time and may even end up in a worse state.

On the conclusion, hard work really brings you success, but it does only when you know how to use it and know your limit. Again, everything always has its advantages and disadvantages, but learning how to draw most from the advantages is what certainly matters. Learn who you are.

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