It’s all about girls

God created Earth, then he created light, day, water, and after all these, he created human. He divided people into two kinds – men and women. What are the differences between men and women? First thing first, so let’s talk about girls.

Girls and boys are the same human being. That’s obvious, isn’t it? Well, actually, girls and boys are pretty much different from each other more than meets the eyes. First of all, girls like talking, mostly about other people’s business. They don’t talk much with boys, but whenever they meet other girls who have the same interests like them, they would, if possible, spend hours after hours to gossip about businesses that are out of their hands.

Secondly, we can’t judge girls by their appearances, according to a slogan that says, “Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover.” Still, some philosophers suggest that those girls who are beautiful normally have not-so-good characteristics. Nevertheless, that’s not true for all girls, for no ideas are perfect one hundred percent.

Furthermore, girls like doing makeup. That’s right! They willing to spend most of their mornings in their rooms just deciding and choosing what clothes they should wear today. I promise you, no girls will come out of their houses without doing at least a little makeup. Why? Most of them, when asked these questions, will simply reply that they just want to be beautiful or it’s suitable for them to do that. However, the main reason is that they want to be prettier than the other girls in order to attract boys’ attention. They do makeup because they want to make boys love them. Isn’t that true?

In addition to all these facts above, girls naturally want to win any arguments. If there’s a quarrel occurred, they will use their mouths and spit out all the words that come into their heads, sometimes without even knowing what they are talking about because they just want to win. There is one reason why men usually lost arguments with women; that is to say, while boys are arguing, girls are just preparing for the argument.

Moreover, girls are supposed to be one of the greatest weapons of mass destruction in the world. Due to their beauty, girls can easily make men fall for them, like a proverb that goes, “No brave men have ever gotten pass the beauty of girls.” Even a king can lose his crown or even his life because of girls! Many examples all suggest that particular opinion.

And last but not least, girls are far more romantic than men. To be honest, most men are practically not romantic at all, except for some and those who are gays. Men, consequently, just try to be romantic because girls love that. They would go to the candle light dinner with girls instead of their valuable coffee-talk with friends. They would buy flowers for girls instead of buying their precious Playstation. All in all, boys do all these due to girls.

You see? Girls can cause men endless problems. How good life would be if there are no girls! Just kidding! Without either men or women, the other would be nothing. But beware, my friends, of girls. This is a good advice from me who is also a boy. Together, we must prove the proverb “No brave men have ever gotten pass the beauty of girls” it is very wrong. I’m the man, so you’re the man! We must not let our male quality down!


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