Is Human Virus to Earth?

On this 4th planet of the solar system, human is supposed to be the smartest kinds of species. That may be true, for according to history, we human beings have created greatearth-laughs-and-cries1 and extraordinary things from what we have here on earth and our sharp minds which have been growing since the creation. Because we saw many natural disasters as threats to our species, we tried to find as many ways as possible in order to prevent those cataclysms, in order to survive. As the result, we are winning over nature. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Then, what about the side effects? We might be able to beat nature, but simultaneously we are also destroying our home as well.

I admit our species are very amazing to have been able to build so many wonderful things with our bare hands and brains. Earth did not give us electricity; we found it out by ourselves. What’s more, we have discovered one of the greatest machines ever found – Computer. To be precise, human mind is developing very fast indeed. However, is this development too fast for Earth? Look around you. Compare today’s environment to the past. Can you see the big difference? Before, we had a nice, quiet, natural environment. These days, our environment is being depleted either slowly or rapidly in accordance of various regions. A world used to be full of beautiful nature has turned into a noisy and polluted world. Maybe we really are the main factor, in other words the main virus, which kills this planet. Just see what we have done to this planet. We cut down trees, hunt down animals to extinction, and pollute the water, the air, etc. The ozone layer which has always been protecting the earth is being destroyed, and the increasing of carbon dioxide, global warming…these all happened because of us. Will the Earth be annihilated because in the hands of human beings?

On the other hand, we also take some actions so as to preserve our environment as much as possible. In order to develop we need the Earth’s resources, and scientists say they are trying to keep the balance between artificiality and nature. Somehow, one way or another, we are still taking benefits and meanwhile using up the natural resources. On my point of view, I should just pick up a proverb saying, ‘In order to gain something, you must throw something away.’ What will be the future of the Earth? No one knows.

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