My Aspect of Life

Everyone has his or her own life to worry about, and what they think of their lives vary from one to another. That is the same for me. My meaning of life may be different from the others, I suppose.

Generally speaking, I think life is boring. I don’t know why, but I always think everything happening around me is too same, so boring that I always want something new. Many philosophers have given loads of meanings to life according to their own observation and wisdom. As for me, who am no scholar, I think that life is just a plain boring term. Whenever I try to think about it, the question that always pops up in my mind is that why everyone should waste their time roaming over the same routines every day. I mean, don’t they get tired of it? In fact, everyone doesn’t seem to care whether their daily activities are boring or interesting. They don’t care at all, but I do care. I want to make my life more interesting; I want to change it and make it new every single day I live. I want to make every day of my lifetime to be different and special. In other words, I wish I was different from everyone else. My opinion is that if you can’t make your life interesting, then it is not worth living it, is it? So, that’s why I don’t want to do the same things that everybody does; also, that’s why everyone says I’m not social. Maybe that is true, but I do not mean to be unsocial. It’s just that I want to go with my own way of doing things. It doesn’t mean that I am arrogant and think I’m the top of everyone else. As a matter of fact, I really am not good myself. That’s why I want to change myself to make me look better for everybody.

However, there doesn’t seem to be anybody who can understand my feeling – the feeling of loneliness. It’s even hard to describe it, and I cannot spit it out to anyone, not even the ones who are closest to me. Usually I talk to myself, for I think only myself is my best companion.

Moreover, one thing that keeps my life un-boring is to be happy. That’s right! I try to be as happy as possible every day so that I don’t have any worries to overcome my mind. I try to make things I see, hear, think and read as funny as possible. Besides, I always hate someone who resents their life with darkness. Who do they think they are? A God who will live forever? If you’re not happy, then you shouldn’t live anymore, that’s what I’d say. Happiness and Peacefulness are the two main medicines that are yet to be discovered by any physicians. So, start your remedy today…with a SMILE!

Hey, I just figure it out. My life is not boring as it seems. You don’t need to have something special to make your life happy or interesting. All you need is you, the best ingredient which only needs to be picked up and put into the soup. HA HA HA!

7 thoughts on “My Aspect of Life

  1. I just want to share some, but sorry my English so bad, but i hope you can understand my writing 😉

    “That’s why I want to change myself to make me look better for everybody” personally, is impossible. Why, If you do not understand, i gonna write a shot story in next comment.

    To make the live un-boring, I do agree, “Just do the same thing is so bore” yes you are right. Personally, life should have goal, short plan and long plan. Life is short, many things to do, many things to know, isn’t it? Everyday we do the same thing, yes i agree, But I think some little things have been changed everyday that we don’t know. Lets say, if you compare now the way you are and last year the way you are, and last 5 year the way you are, you may see the different. Just one day, is impossible to see the different thing.

    What is the daily happy life? personally; everyone have their own ways to be happy in their daily live, is the way they are. So if we want to be happy, we should know the ways that make us to be happy.

    Ok, just personally sharing, I know just the theory, in practically, I get just 0 mark, 😆

    Anyway, thanks for sharing what you think,


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