The Importance of Environment


Generally speaking, there will always be environment as long as the earth stays; in other words, environment existed since the beginning of Earth. All scholars and scientists say that environment is very important. What are the possible reasons that make them say it is that important?

Literally, environment means everything around us such as lakes, seas, oceans, houses, animals, mountains and etcetera. All of these are called environment, even no-life beings. What’s more, the environment is divided into three different parts which include Natural Environment, Social Environment and openerHuman Environment. These three parts are very necessary for human lives. If one of them is damaged, we will face a terrible crisis that may push us to the brink of extinction. For instance, even before the human race, Natural Environment has taken a major role in creating and supporting as well as reforming all kinds of species on Earth. If it hadn’t been it, Earth would be nothing but a piece of dirt in space, and the other two parts of environment would be nowhere to be seen these days. After Natural Environment, another kind of environment started up. It is called the Social Environment, that focus mainly on artificial or manmade products, including cars, roads, cities, houses and so on. These are necessary for human beings, too. People created this environment in order to battle against the force of nature. For example, houses are built as shelters which protect us from wild beasts and other natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, flood, etc. In addition to that, technologies have developed rapidly in these centuries thanks to Social Environment. For instance, the discovery of telephones made it possible for people to communicate with each other easily across continents, and the invention of Computer even further the dreams of humanity that were once thought to be impossible. Otherwise, nowadays people would probably live like in the prehistoric time. And last but not least, Human Environment is also considered to be a vital factor which is needed by everybody, especially humans. As a matter of fact, this environment is roughly a part of Social Environment as well, but it usually refers to much more complicated creations, including medical, chemistry, etc. Take medical for an example. Due to advancement in medical research, humans have been cured and saved from many fatal maladies such as cholera and tuberculosis, and humans’ health has improved remarkably. Also, other chemical discoveries have, more or less, helped ease our everyday lives as a whole.

Accordingly, the three factors which make up what we call the Environment are undeniably essential to us. Therefore, environment is just like a home to us, and we who are the dwellers have to take care of our home so that we can live in it happily, or else.


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