Is it always like what said in books?

There are many books written by countless authors who want to advise people about various aspects of life and thoughts. Most of these books, except for the bad ones, tell you how to live a good life, do good things and everything a good person would do. However, can we really go along with these things in real life?

First of all, let’s look at some general virtues. People usually say that good things happen to people who do good deeds. For example, if you helpGood & Evil someone, that person will remember your good will and will probably lend you a hand the next time you need it. What’s more, if you did something good today, you would somehow feel contented with yourself, which in turn make your life even much happier. Nonetheless, that can be the problem as well. For instance, you’ll find yourself hated by someone while you’re actually helping someone else, just like a proverb which stated, ‘You can’t please everyone.’ So, if you assist someone, there might be another person who contempt you for that. Sometimes after you help someone, that person can turn out to be ungraceful and attack you back without any thanks for your aid, as resulted in a story in which a crocodile was saved by a farmer but ironically want to eat him back. They say people who do good things will get good results, but that’s not entirely correct. As we can all see these days situation, some people who do bad things are swimming in the sea of silvers and gold while good people are drowning in infinite poverty. People say bad people, even though now they are happy, will get bad results later. Religions say bad people will retrieve all of their sins whey they die or in their next lives. What if those bad people reply, ‘Who cares as long as I’m happy in this life?’? People who do good deeds expect themselves of good fortune later on, if not this life, the next one. Thus, they endure all suffers in the name of being good people. Is this justice of Nature? Would people, in general, willing to take on this burden to gain a reputation as a good person? You say doing good deeds is noble, but why is that so? It’s all just because everyone says so; religions say so, books say so, etc.

What is rightness and wrongness, all in all? They are both just definitions, and are vague ones, too. Truth can be turned to false if you just look at it from a different corner, and false can be regarded as truth as well. What are these all about? How come everything is just so complicated about this LIFE thing? What is the meaning of it all?


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