Is Knowing Enough?

We’ve all been taught at school about general knowledge and how to live as a real citizen in the society. We all know the rules, the principles and disciplines of life and work. However, is this enough for us to live our lives?

That is not true. There is more thing to do after school before you can make sure you’re good enough. That’s practice. In order to enhance your knowledge, you have to practice it. If your practice of knowledge is a success, that’s when your knowledge is valuable. If you just know something, that doesn’t mean you can do it. So, it is very important to prove yourself via working through it. Sometimes you learn something but cannot practice it out in real life, and all of what you learned will be just as useless as a broken tool. Also, a knowledge which is needed by no one is not worth knowing. There’s a Chinese story talking about a famous stringed instrument player who could make people imagine things only through his beautiful music performance, but there was only one of his friends who could understand his feeling and the real meaning of what he’s performing. When that friend died, the performer took out the stringed instrument and destroyed it, saying that it was useless now that there were no one else who could understand the meaning behind his performance. Thus, knowing is not enough, you have to practice. If you learn, you just know. If you practice, you’re wise.

Despite this, it is very difficult in our country because less wise people are being noticed and praised, and more unwell-educated people are being promoted. In this situation, you have to be careful of what you learn for it might turn out to be nothing but dust.


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