Let’s talk PEACE!

I’ve just read recently from one of my favorite manga Naruto about peace. Naruto was conversing with Pain, the bad guy, about how to bring peace to the ninja world. I find it very fascinating, so let’s hear it together!

Naruto and Pain had different opinions of how to make the ninja world peaceful after ruthless wars that destroyed families, homes and everything standing in the way. Naruto wanted to achieve the goal of being a Hokage, the villager head, similar to that of the country leader. Then, he would stop all wars and bring real and everlasting peace to the world. Pain also shared the same goal, even though he had different ways of doing it. He said he would make all the people feel true pain so that wars would be stop automatically. He added that the peace dream of Naruto was just an illusion which could never be attained successfully.

Which one of them is right? Naruto or Pain? Naruto wanted to create peace but said he couldn’t find the answer. Somehow he didn’t agree with the thought of Pain. Nonetheless, Pain would like to make peace through pain, pain and more pain. Love only bred hatred, which would brought more wars and no peace could be found. That’s what he said. By his method, he said, peace would occur for a short period of time. For example, he would provoke more fierce wars than ever, and people would feel pain and strive for peace. Then after a short peace, people would start forgetting about it gradually and then wars would happen again. It’s just like an endless cycle.


How to bring true peace? Naruto said he had an answer to that, but he hasn’t spit it out yet. Nevertheless, I think I know what Naruto’s answer will be. In my opinion, peace can be gained through love, forgiveness, non-violence and hope. Love, forgiveness and non-violence are basic answers to succeed peace; everyone knows that, so I’d like to focus on HOPE. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, these three things said above fail. We’re humans, so there can’t be perfectness. There is no love that never shatters, no forgiveness that can be always given and no non-violence that people can normally keep in mind constantly. Therefore, that is the exact reason why we need Hope; hope for love, hope for forgiveness and hope for non-violence; to be precise, hope for peace. Only through Hope can we sustain all suffers and losses we may get anytime so that we never lose our foundation of fighting for peace and turn ourselves into darkness (which breeds violence and revenges). Hope for the good things to come and persist to make it come true; that’s what I mean by it. 😀

Consequently, I think the answer is that: HOPE. Now I’m just going to wait and see if I’m right…in the later Naruto manga chapters. HA HA! 😆

Now now, what do you think will bring a TRUE PEACE? ❓

If you would like to read the conversation between Naruto and Pain talking about Peace, please read Chapter 436 of Naruto manga. (It can be found on www.onemanga.com)



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