My Dream Book

It’s The King’s Last Song novel, authored by a Canadian writer talking about Cambodia. I’ve read the review and thought that it’s worth buying. However, no matter how hard I try I can’t find the book here in Phnom Penh. I’ve tried checking out main bookstores such as IBC and PBC and other possible bookstores like D’s Books. I can’t find it. One of the owner at D’s Books told me there was one sold along the riverside, but maybe it’s sold out now. I really want to read this book! Here’s its cover:


Believe me, I’ve done searching on the Internet, and it’s only for sold at Amazon. If anyone happens to know where it’s sold in Phnom Penh, please tell me! No pressure, though! :mrgreen:


11 thoughts on “My Dream Book

  1. I have a photocopy of this book. My friend made me one. I don’t know where u can buy it but if u want to read it badly, I can ask my friend to make a photocopy for u too. Believe or not, the writer is happy if the Cambodian people make a photocopy of this book and sell at Russian market. The writer went to visit there and was unhappy cos he couldn’t find any photocopy of his book at Russian market.


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