My Two Great Advisors

I don’t think there will be anyone greater than these two consultants of mine. They are, of course, older (maybe much older) than me and that makes them more experienced than me. However, you can’t judge a person’s experience by his/her age, right? Someone can be a hundred years old but has involved and gained little from life. But these two people are different; they are old, and they are full of experiences. Moreover, what makes them even greater is that they have different opinions about life, even though they have some common things together.

One of them thinks money as an important factor to reach happiness. It may be pointed out like this: if you have money, you may not obtain happiness, but if you don’t have money, you won’t get anything. On the other hand, the other consultant thinks the opposite. He thinks that money is not too important. What makes life a happiness is what you do with yourself, to be precise your mind. If you set your mind at ease, then money won’t be a matter anymore. He thinks you don’t have to be very rich, just find a suitable job you love, pursue your dream and live your life the way you want it. He opposes strongly to comparing yourself with the other rich people, which is the contrast to the first person’s opinion who wants to be rich so that other people will look up to you.

Furthermore, my first advisor holds the opinion that you should think of yourself first, while the second advisor cares much more about social problems. The first advisor doesn’t think much about what is right and what is wrong. She just thinks that righteousness and unrighteousness are just two terms created by people to define what they think, to be precise their opinions, and that they are not absolutely stable. She believes in a proverb, ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do.’ Thus, even if the society is corrupted, you must have to follows its bid if you want to mix with other people. On the contrary, the second advisor protests on this opinion. He thinks that people must not follow what is wrong; you have to do what is right no matter what other people may discriminate against you. Even if all people are wrong, you mustn’t change your opinion of what is right.

Despite their difference, they also have something in common. For one thing, they advise me that I should not have my entire trust on my friends. Friends can be deceptive. When you are wealthy, they will come to you like ants looking for sugar. However, once you fall down, many of them will turn their backs on you. True friends in a person’s life are so few that you can count them on your fingers. Consequently, don’t think that your friends will help you when you face obstacles. Some friends, when asked them to lend a hand, will come up with endless excuses just to get rid of you. You may always be there when they need you, but they may not always be there when you need them. You have to get out of the trouble yourself if you can. If s/he really is a good friend, s/he will always be there for you when you need them without you asking for his/her help.

All in all, these two advisors, although they think differently, help me very much in my life. Had it not been for them, I might not have grown this much. They have advised me on every difficult problem I can’t solve, and by comparing their distinct points of view, I may be able to conclude a good answer as to what the meaning of life is. I just couldn’t thank them enough. Well, after all, they are…my mother and father, the greatest heroes in my life.



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