Online Learning-A Good Prospect?

Nowadays, as human technology keeps advancing to a higher state, study methods also vary in times. Online learning comes into play.


Many students worldwide now turn their focus upon online learning, believing it has lots of advantages for them, especially for those who want to study in a well-known university which is, unfortunately, far away from their homeland, like Cambodia as an example. However, is this new way of obtaining knowledge better or worse than actually attending classes?

A professor from Chisholm Institute, during this year Australian Education Exhibition, told the secret to me that online learning, if you ask her, wouldn’t be suggested. She added that your level of understanding through online learning was not as good as when you went to school, stating at the last minute that it was the secret between her and me.

Thus, in this discussion, the question remains, is online learning really a new and good way to learn, or is it just a waste of time? Feel free to share what you think.


2 thoughts on “Online Learning-A Good Prospect?

  1. I think she made a good point here: ‘that your level of understanding through online learning was not as good as when you went to school.’

    Before long, we may have thought that print newspaper is irreplaceable. But now we’re talking about the Internet is killing print newspaper.

    I’m not suggesting that online learning is going to take over your good time interacting with classmates at school, but I tend to think that e-learning is a great complementary to our current education system. Given that self-learning, self-discovery, and self-analysis play a vital role in conceiving knowledge, access to Internet-based resources is a very convenient way in education.

    Anyhow, I think virtual classrooms and e-learning is still in its early phase of development. So you cannot really expect its full potential just yet, at least for the meantime.


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