The best way to win: Not to win

It would be a surprise if an ordinary person was heard saying s/he doesn’t want to win a competition. If there aren’t any obstacles hindering, it is almost sure that everyone wants to be winners, even if you don’t say it out loud. However, what is the key to winning?

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It would also be a surprise if you who want to be a winner hear that the key to winning is not to think about it…at all. In fact, thinking only to win might get yourself obsessed with the idea of winning so much that it can unconsciously distract you from your self-reasoning and that, more or less, will drag you to the opposite – that is, losing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your competition and make a happy outcome from it, you must not push yourself too much into this stupid idea of ‘I have to win this game!’ thing. It’ll just get you lose! I’m not trying to be self-righteous here, but if you don’t believe me, I can’t force you, can I? Instead of pressuring yourself and wondering whether you’re going to win, why don’t you try to just relax and pretend this is just going to be a great game that you’re going to make out there? That’s right; you should think that whatever the result might come at the end, you just have to do your best and, most importantly, be yourself! If you can do this, you’ll automatically feel relaxed with your outcomes in any competitions or games even if you lose. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Whenever you try to win, you’ll only find yourself in a tense situation because you’re afraid that the other contestants might be stronger than you or you look down on them because of your overconfident, so you’ll lose yourself to either your fear or your arrogance. Otherwise, in case you win, you might not win the others’ respect. Nevertheless, if you push these thoughts aside and imagine your competition to be like when you’re playing games with your closest friends just to be fun, you’ll find a satisfactory competition. That’s it, folks!


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