My CSAJ Essay

Now that the deadline of CSAJ Essay Competition was due, I wonder if any of you guys had alreadylogo submit your individual and original essays to the committee. As for me, of course I had. Of the three topics, I chose the first topic – that is, what are the grave problems Cambodian youth are facing nowadays and what can you contribute in order to solve these problems? I wrote it rather long – 8 pages, that is. Well, I didn’t get to be in the top ten, but I’m not sad about that. More importantly, I just want to express as many of my points of view as possible in the essay I wrote, so no wonder I might have violate the rule…a little. However, it’s all my writings, no copying or any cheating.

Here are the list of the top ten candidates who are to be selected and narrowed down to three on August 30th 2009.

  • CHAN Sokyana
  • CHROEUNG Panhakun
  • KHENG Chantha
  • MEY Samedy
  • NARA Sokhema
  • PEN Panha
  • SOKCHEA Sonida
  • THANG Sort
  • THOUNG Socheat
  • TIENG Chanty
  • I don’t think there is anything to hide from you readers anymore, so here is my essay. Please let me know what you think of it no matter what it may be. I’ll be glad to accept all of your recommendations.

    Download it here: My Essay

    10 thoughts on “My CSAJ Essay

    1. I have read your essay!!!you have shown me that you are a great thinker, and of course, you organized your ideas well through the essay 🙂 But the problem is, it lacks of something_motivation while your essay seems quite long…you have to make sure readers will keep reading until the end. Actually, my writing skill is not as good as you, but my reading skill seems to be unique 😆 Oh! one more thing, essay usually lengths 1 to 3 pages, shouldn’t tend to write so long, it’ll make the readers think you are not writing an essay. Keep up!!!I believe you have it accomplished one day. ស៊ូ!ស៊ូ! 🙂

    2. i don’t know why you didn’t make to top ten but your essay is so good, full of linking word, various opinion, well grammar and good chrronological.It maybe hard for me to write such the long essay, 8 page wow wonderful. This thursday, i will map the argument and find hidden premise in my critical thinking diploma class. Worry headache will come to me.You strong enough to write that long well writtting. Hey, do you know about critical thinking? a difficult lesson in my whole life.

      1. Critical Thinking? I just know that it’s far more complicated than normal thinking since it covers almost every evidence, including observation, logic, skills, etc. I’ll be glad if you can explain it in short and more easy terms. 😀 Well, I hope you’re going to do well with your assignment. Nothing’s impossible no matter how hard it may seem, right? 🙂

        1. Thanks you for support. Already finish the mid term critical thinking examination with the ransome partner. Two essay to be map and find the hidden premise and finally classifield them. Half of them difficult, trickable but short. the another one, long but easy to map and find hidden premise. i will explain you for critical think in more easy term.


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