How to Make the Right Choice

We are living in a world full of complexity and headaches, and sometimes you will come to a point where you can’t really divide what’s the best choice and what’s not. That’s why knowing how to pick the right choice comes in handy from time to time.

Thinking all over, there should be five steps in order to come up with a solution that applies the problem you face. These five steps are:

  1. Thinking up all kinds of solutions or choices you want to make: this is the main and basic step when you don’t know what to decide. Writing can help you not to forget the points. Moreover, you should also see the problem from all perspectives so that you will come up with as many choices as possible. Most importantly, do not think which choice is bad or good yet because it’s only going to slow you down. Just jot down any solution that comes to your mind.
  2. Thinking about the pros and cons of each solution you find: after listing out all the choices that are possible to solve the problem, it’s time to narrow it down. The first tactic to do this is to write the disadvantages and advantages of each choice to see which ones are more favorable to you.
  3. Considering the vice and virtue of each choice: Not all choices you make are good ones, so that’s why there is this third step…to decide the value of each choice you make. Picking up a choice at a time, ask yourself these questions, ‘Is it legal?’ ‘Is it true?’ and etcetera.
  4. Thinking of the influence each solution has on the others: You might still have a bunch of choices left. If so, it’s time to advance to stage three, the third list-narrowing technique. Thinking of how each choice has an effect on other people is the key. If it takes so much sacrifice, the choice should be crossed out. In the end you will come up with, hopefully, the final choice. If not, rethink about the three narrowing steps again.
  5. Acting out the final choice you come up with: Well, there’s no need to explain, right? Just make the choice into action and keep your fingers crossed.

So, you have it; the Five Golden Rules to choose what’s best for you. Just remember one thing, people are not Gods, so do expect to make mistakes (I think even Gods do make mistakes sometimes). Well, if you had a perfect life, wouldn’t you think it’s rather boring?


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