Although this is my final year at high school, I still have time to finish another book, eh? This time I had another choice of author. He’s probably one of the number 1 horror storytellers in this world if not the only one. He has written many horror books, and the first one was published under the title of ‘Carrie’. Well, can you guess who he is now? He is…Stephen King!

I’ve never read this guy’s books before even though I have known his reputation for quite awhile. But now, during a visit to Boston Book, which is a newly open bookstore located near Monument Bookstore, I decided to get a taste. So, I chose ‘The Dead Zone’ as a head start because I saw the description rather interesting and the title was cool as well. What’s it about, huh? Well, it’s about a guy named Johnny Smith who got an accident and was in a coma for four and a half years, such a long time that everybody started giving up hope on him. Then he just suddenly woke up from this deep sleep and found out that he had a special ability – the ability to see the future and history of almost anything he touched. However, not everyone, not even himself, thought that is more a gift than a curse. Could he help people with his ability? And if he could, would they appreciate it, or did they just want to stay away from him as he was a freak? Would he save the world if he could, even if no one believed in him? Johnny got a lot of difficult decisions to make, and were they worth it?

There were about 400 pages in all, and after two or three weeks, I finally finished it. My impression? It was really a great book, I think. I mean, it really was different from the other books I’ve read. It was kind of weird, tempting, a little bit boring and most of the times it just kept me wanting to read more to find out more. It was a little boring since sometimes the description just seems a little bit too long and dragging on that made me want to give up the book. Then, unexpectedly, the story suddenly rose to its high pitch and I found interest in reading it again. Moreover, this book had no twist plot at all. I used to think that a novel with no twist plot doesn’t and won’t make a good read, but this guy proved me wrong. That’s probably because I haven’t read books in various categories and genres. Now I’m starting to like King!

This is no commercial or anything, but it’s a worth-reading book and you shouldn’t leave it out of your must-read-books list. Um…for those who can stand reading it on a computer or electronic device, check this link out:

Here are some memorable quotes from this story:

  • Ninety-five percent of people who walk the earth are simply inert. One percent are saints, and one percent are assholes. The other three percent are people who do what they say they can do.
  • He felt as if Stillson might have taken the game of the Laughing Tiger a step further: inside the beast-skin, a man, yes. But inside the man-skin, a beast.

Oh, a WARNING: this novel is not suitable for people under the age of fifteen or so since there were some disturbing scenes and inappropriate languages. But, besides that, ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “THE DEAD ZONE

  1. I really love the novel of stephen king. It’s worth-reading and interesting plot come along which consist the numerous of mystery and phenomenon in different way of illustration. Never try this one out, i already enjoyed this previous novel which another reader as well as me deemed it classic such as Carrie, the shining, green mile etc which today you can found them as the major film. i am the one who interesting in the horror, fantasy and thriller genre so i don’t even care that my age is suitable or not. you know Carrie was the first horror and bloody, can said violence in some language that i touch it first page since i was 13. agree with you for said its description is abit too long, i also found that Carrie( which is my favourite) abit boring sometimes but cause i am the one which flavoured in this type of novel, i never give up for the reading. So now can i ask you something, How many page that this book consist? What style of illustration of book? for example: Carrie is the novel which lead the reader to follow it by newpapper article and interview to the survivor of the deadly prom night. Another one is Bram Stoker’s Dracula look like more diary than the novel. So What about dead zone? I may look forward to it sometimes as my english class of Diploma in ACE gave me a vocation now. Pls answer quickly if possible?
    From me: Eng Samnang, 15.


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