Should We Care About Politics?

To start things off, what is politics, really? Literally, it means the art or science of government. In simple term, it’s the way you use in order to govern a society or country. Usually some people say this politics stuff should be left to the elites in the government, but others hold that everyone has a part in it. Which one is better? Should you involve in it, or is it better to leave it all behind and let someone else take care of it?

According to Democracy, decisions are made depending on the most voted choices, and it’s the citizens of the whole nation who should take part in the election. Thus, everyone must be involved in politics, is it not? Some people think that they can just vote for a representative they think is qualified enough and let that person deal with difficult problems for them so that they can rest in peace. But is that the whole story? Do they really think that leader is good enough? No one’s perfect, mark that, NO ONE! Even the President of the United States make mistakes once in a while if not often. It’s also worth note taking that some politicians only try to fool us to get him elected and then ignore us later on when he get to the top. That’s why we, the souls of the country, must stand up to the wrong decisions the leader make so as to show that the real leader is not him/her but the united voice which come from all the opinions of every citizen, men and women alike, in the whole country. Let me tell you what the problem is in Cambodia nowadays. Less and less Khmer people care about politics and let dirty-handed politicians take control of the government. You say it’s their mistakes that the country is going down like this, but you forget that the mistakes are also yours. That’s also why more and more innocent people get killed almost every day, for we don’t try to unite with each other; in order words, we are not willing to open our eyes and seek the truth. When asked, most of the people will say that those corrupted officials will have you killed if you get involved in their business. That’s true, too. You will surely be killed or imprisoned or get beaten up…that is, if you are alone. Remember one proverb, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ They can kill ten people who dare protest against the corrupted government officials, but let’s see them kill the whole nation standing up against them. The whole world will notice, and some justice, if not all, will be brought upon Kampuchea.

On the other hand, playing politics is no different from playing cards. If you play it right, you will win and get it all. But if you lose, you might not even be able to take your life home. That’s mainly the reason why people don’t want to get their hands dirty with this simple but terrifying word. Some say peaceful lives are only what they want, especially those who have families to love and take care of. There’s even a slogan which states roughly, ‘Think about yourself first.’ What good will it does if you’re a successful politician while your family is in agony? It might seem selfish to think about yourself and your family first, but isn’t everybody selfish? Doesn’t everyone put the matter of their selves and families before anything else? So, wouldn’t we be better off without politics? Every country has a leader. Why? To take care of the nation’s matters, of course. Even if we put every last ditch of our opinions into the problem, it wouldn’t matter anyway, right? What good does thinking do when the problem is still not solved? Some people try to get their voices heard in order to become the ones who change the country, but meanwhile they also forget their families and what their duties are to them. Furthermore, most of the time politics get you nowhere. You put an enormous effort into changing the country and the government system, but in the end you find that all you’ve done is just a big waste of time, and you start realizing that nothing has changed at all. Is it worth it, then? Abandoning or risking your family’s lives just to be righteous? If you read Animal Farm authored by George Orwell, you will find out at the end that every leader, when get to the top, has the same face.

And so the question remains. Choose your side. (Got that one from Transformers)

3 thoughts on “Should We Care About Politics?

  1. A long well written essay. Ha ha, thought about politics, Honestly I just a boy who lacks political exprience but still involve to thoes reflection of today society and political’s idea, mostly focus to our country, Cambodia. Everything not yet 100% perfect just like politic its self generally consist the benefits and drawback. I might be childish to discuss around the politics issue but i proud of myself to share some idea with you. WE’re young but had some talented to know about it. I don’t the enormous effort that a political person spend, is that waste. If you trying hard your best in the correct way and useful goal in order to convert the mistake in your country even your bad enemies cleverly prevent you from my destination, i predicted you will recived the suitable feedback. However, someone already knockoff just a small punch from their prohibitor at the middle of their journey. Overall, To be caring with politics is linked more right way for the entire world, actually quite better than caring your ownself. Just like somebody said: If you became the politics, it like you waste the amount of your time and money that will provided your family’s livelihood at the past . It normally the word that used to tell others when they not yet reached their goad. and until they did, somepeople will said politics will gave amount of money to provided your whole family, also other and reputation to spread what the best you did to other at the sametime when you successfully with it.
    So finally it’s just my view and i totally agreed with what peehs07 said.


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