Peace Recipe

Is it really possible to create a peaceful world where nobody is doomed by their greed and hunger? Or is it just a hallucination imagined by a fool who really believes nothing is impossible? Even if we can, will it last? In other words, is there such a thing called PEACE?

It is not easy to understand peace while we haven’t grabbed the whole concept of its opposite: CONFLICT. Why is there conflict? The reason is quite simple, isn’t it? People were born with different brains to think, so you can’t expect all of them to think with the same flow. For instance, people in the west were raised up in an environment where every person, no matter how young or old, needn’t bee afraid of one another. On the other hand, people in the east grow up in another environment surrounded by beliefs that the elders have more power and should be respected. When two people of different cultures or opinions meet, they naturally try to convince each other to believe in their individual opinions. When this tactic doesn’t work, conflict will be sparked up, and soon enough the word peace will be engulfed in this flame of anger.

If there’s a problem, there must be a solution. So, let’s see together what solutions we can come up to solve this peace problem. Why don’t we create a one-world government? Via this method, we can make a new world where everything is one. No more different cultures. No more different perspectives. However, can this really be possible when right now all countries on this Earth try to protect and preserve their origins? Will they go along with the plan which includes the elimination of their own ancestors’ beliefs? No, they won’t. So, this answer won’t work. Let’s find another one.

How about coming to an understanding? Although we can’t force each other to accept our own cultures, we can try to understand each other and live together happily. There is no need of using force in this solution, and it’s also simple. When facing another different opinion from yours, you just to need to open your eyes wider and see the opinion from the others’ perspective. Sometimes their opinions are even better than yours, or when yours and theirs mix together, you can come up with an even greater idea. Isn’t that marvelous? See, if people perceive this, there won’t be another World War. However, will this day ever come? Only time will tell.

Overall, I sincerely hope that everybody in this world will one day understand one another, just like Jiraiya said.

Note: Jiraiya is a character in Naruto manga who believed in peace and that the day would come. Nevertheless, he passed away before his goal was achieved, but he entrusted his will to Naruto and died without regrets.


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