Manga I Love to Read!

Well, for those who don’t have any ideas what it is, let me introduce you to my best friend, Manga! As a matter of fact, “Manga” isn’t originally an English word. You won’t find it even in the newest edition of Oxford Dictionary. It’s a Japanese word which literally means “involuntary sketches”, book of black and white sketches created in 1814 by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. In short, Manga are Japanese comic books. As an extra info, Anime is a video version of manga.

You may say I’m a kid, but I totally love reading manga. To me, they’re probably the best invention ever imagined. Here is the list of the manga I love the most:


Hadn’t it been for Naruto Anime which usually airs on Cartoon Network channel, I wouldn’t have searched for its Manga and I wouldn’t have known such a great thing exists. That’s when my love for manga started. Haha! Enough chit chat; let’s get to business. Well, what to say. IT’S THE BEST! The story arc is about the adventure of a ninja boy named Uzumaki Naruto striving to gain acknowledgement and a place in the fantasized ninja world full of danger and fun simultaneously! By the way, the guy who’s made all these miracles happen is none other than our Masashi Kishimoto.

Detective Conan

You might have heard of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, in England, but here in Japan there is also one more Sherlock Holmes, and his name is Kudou Shinichi! Read more here.

Fairy Tail

Naruto’s setting is in the Ninja World while Fairy Tail sets in a magical world where there are mages and magical beings. However, one thing doesn’t change; it’s a non-stop adventure and laughter!

Death Note

Talking about gloomy manga, this probably gets the first place on the list. Imagine you accidentally find a Death Note that can make you the judge of anyone’s death, what will you do? And what if you’re being chased by the best investigator of the world? You have to be superbly smart…and Raito (Light) is.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Apart from Fairy Tail’s magical world and Naruto’s ninja world, there’s also another world where Alchemy is the science that explains everything. Turning lead into gold? It’s child play for our National Alchemist, Edward Elric, along with his armor-covered younger brother, Alphonse. What’s going to happen to these two young guys? By the way, this manga has come to an end, at Chapter 108.

Crayon Shin Chan

No matter what, Shin Chan’s the only boy who gives me the most laughter of my life! He’s smart, he’s crude, he’s rude and he turns the world of adults upside down in front of him. What a boy!

Captain Tsubasa

For those who love soccer, this is probably the best manga for them. Tsubasa is the soccer prodigy of Japan, and his dream is to help his country win the world cup, but before that, he has lots and lots of things to do and countless opponents to surpass so as to achieve his other dream of becoming the best player in the whole world. Notably, lots of soccer players were inspired by this manga.


What’s an Akuma? It’s a kind of machine made from human’s soul, the mastermind being the Earl of the Millennium with his goal of ruling the world, but Exorcists are here to stop him. Nonetheless, will that be enough?


What would you do if you could see ghosts while others can’t? Would you freak out? Plus, what would you do if you met a Shinigami (God of Death)? Well, Ichigo’s our guy. He can see ghosts, and he even helped a Shinigami defeating the evil spirit called Hollow. After that, his life has changed forever? For the better, or for worse?

Well, these are the ones I mostly read nowadays. I wonder how many people here like reading manga. Maybe it’s just me? You can read all of these manga here (except Shin Chan). Have a nice day!

12 thoughts on “Manga I Love to Read!

    1. ចង់​បាន​អី​គេ? បើ​និយាយ​ពី Manga អាច​ទាញ​យក​បាន​តាម​វ៉ិបសាយ (ទើប​តែ​រក​ឃើញ!)។ ទាញ​យក​ខ្លួន​ឯង​ទៅ​ព្រោះ​ Manga មួយៗ​មាន​ច្រើន​ Volumes ណាស់។ ដោយ​ឡែក​ឈីងចាំង​អាច​ទាញ​យក​បាន​តាម​ ។ :mrgreen:

      1. ខ្ញុំយកមកម៉ាគំនរតែសុទ្ធតែភាសាអេស្ប៉ាញ និងបារាំង អត់ចេះមើលអីតិចសោះ!!! ឲ្យអានយ៉ាងម៉េចទៅ?
        មានស្គាល់អាភាសាសផ្សេងទេ ដូចជាភាសាជប៉ុន អង់គ្លេសហ្នឹងជាដើម!!
        ដោនឡតជិតចប់ម៉ារឿង 4 5 rar ទៅហើយ បែបជាអានទៅឃើញភាសាមិនមែនភាសាអង់គ្លេស!!! មើលែរូប!!

              1. អរគុណណាស់!! ខ្ញុំរកដែរតែមិនឃើញសោះ!!!
                ខ្ញុំដឹងថាមាន51 វគ្គសៀវភៅនៃរឿងនេះ ហើយខ្ញុំបានទិញមកមើលយូរណាស់ហើយ តែឥឡូវបាត់មិនដឹងទៅណា រកមិនឃើញ!!!

                អ្នកចូលចិត្តអី ទើបរកអាហ្នឹងឃើញ អ្នកចអត់ជំនាញរកអត់ឃើញទេ!! :mrgreen:


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