Blocked? Not anymore…

Today I stumbled upon an article at LIFT talking about the website Ki-Media being blocked in Cambodia. According to the news, several customers of Ezecom ISP (Internet Service Provider) have been unable to gain access to the site. Why? The answer given by a customer service representative at Ezecom told The Phnom Penh Post that his manager told him to block access to the site, saying it’s the government’s order.

A customer service representative for Ezecom, contacted by The Post today, confirmed that his manager told him to block access to the website, saying the government had informed them to shut it down.

However,  they haven’t clarified whether customers of other ISPs have got the same problems, and the government denied absolutely that it didn’t give any orders to shut down Ki-Media.

Well, I can clarify that. As a Metfone ISP customer, I haven’t been able to gain access to the site as well. Is it a coincident? Is it just me? Or is it not? Well, my guess is, in case the government didn’t want people in Cambodia to gain access to a site such as Ki-Media, they would tell each ISP in the country to block off its domain ( And what another coincident! I can’t get access to any other sites with the blogspot domain as well! Strange, isn’t it?

However, I couldn’t leave things be, for there are many blogspot sites I like! So, here’s a tricky method I’ve found to regain access to those supposed-to-be-blocked sites :mrgreen: In case you’ve got the same problems as me, try this:…

For example:

Phew! Problem solved, at least for the time being. Have a jolly nice day, everybody! Ciao! 😉

11 thoughts on “Blocked? Not anymore…

  1. ខ្ខុំសាកតាម Link របស់you តែមិនបានជោគជ័យទេ ដោយខ្ញុំចូលតាមវែបមួយដែលគេ Blocked IP យូរបង្គួរ​ដែរ​ហើយ ​​។ វែបនោះមានអត្ថបទច្រើនដែលខ្ញុំចូលចិត្ត តែមិនដឹងយ៉ាងម៉េចបានជា ប្លុកចោល ។ អរគុណចំពោះការរាប់អាន ។

    1. បើ​តាម​ខ្ញុំ​ស្មាន ប្រហែល​ជា​គេ​មិន​បាន​ប្លុក​នោះ​ទេ តែ​វ៉ិបសាយ​នេះ​គេ​ឈប់​ប្រើ​ត​ទៅ​ទៀត​ហើយ។ បើ​ប្លុក​មែន គួរ​តែ​មិន​អាច​បើក​ចេញ​ទេ រឺ​បើ​បើក​ចេញ​តែ​ចេញ​ទៅ​វ៉ិបសាយ​មួយ​ផ្សេង​ទៀត។ រីក​រាយ​ដែល​បាន​ស្គាល់ :mrgreen:

    1. ខ្ញុំ​មិន​ចេះ​ទេ​រឿង​នយោបាយ! តែ​មក​ពី​គេ​បិទ blogspot ទាំង​អស់​ហ្មង បាន​ខំ​រក​វិធី​ការពារ ព្រោះ​នៅ​តាម Blogspot មាន​របស់​មាន​តម្លៃ​ច្រើន​ណាស់… 😉


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