For anyone who wants to download documents and read them at home, here are your chances! 🙂

This is KHmer-translated comic about TMNT, which stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Spend some free time and enjoy!
As for here, this is an inspirational short story which can change your live forever. Well, all I want to say is that it’s worth reading and if you can apply the advice of this story into your real life, you sure will accomplish anything.

Download Asian Tales (In Khmer!)

Asian Tales is a collection of short moral stories, or fables if you prefer, that each of them teach you something in life.
Here’s one of the translated tales of our famous British detective Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son.
The Merchant of Venice is one the of the most successful plays written by none other than our famous William Shakespeare, the man who brought about a revolution of English literature and world literature as a whole. This play is about an intelligent woman solving the unlikely-to-succeed case. Reading this, I know Shakespeare wanted us to value the wittiness of women and the respect of genders. What a guy! :mrgreen:
I must say it is one of the most inspiring books I’d love to read the most. A book authored by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, it divides into several short worth-reading stories. Each one of them teaches us something, something very important about life, love, friendship, etc. that we usually overlook or sometimes don’t even think about it that way. It really is a must-read if you ask me!
This is a book mainly focusing on a fairy tale of animals processing an evolution upon men, but the true spirit of it is on the politics. Written by a famous political writer George Orwell, this story is also implied with Cambodia. You can read this book during your leisure time for fun, and simultaneously learn something as well. I don’t want to tell you; you’ve got to find it out yourself. Anyway, this story is rather funny and entertaining despite the fact that it has a strong impact. It is once forbidden in Cambodia, as far as I’m concerned, but now it can be found at some bookstores in Cambodia, titled in Khmer as, ‘កាល​នោះ…បដិវត្តន៍​មួយ!’ ប្រែ​សម្រួល​ដោយ ប៉ាង សុធី.
Download Tum Teav (In English)
Tum Teav (English Version): This is a very very very popular and essential story in Cambodia, for it shows apparently about our true Khmer culture. This, you guys, is written in English! I thought it might be a good thing to distribute this cornerstone story to the outside world in order to let foreigners know about our Khmer culture even better. Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. កាល​នោះ…បដិវត្តន៍​មួយ!’ ប្រែ​សម្រួល​ដោយ ប៉ាន សុធី ….. ។ មានរសជាតិ ណាស់ ញ៉ុមសូមសរសើរដោយស្មោះ អំពីកំរិតបកប្រែជាភាសាជាតិ និងកែសំរួល ។ សូមឲ្យមានជោគជ័យ និង សំណាងល្អ……….. ។

  2. ស្នាដៃបកប្រែខាងលើ បង្ហាញថា Fidele ពិតជាអ្នកដែលមាននិស្ស័យក្នុងការអាននិងបកប្រែមែន ។ កូនខ្មែរគ្រប់រូបគួរបណ្ដុះការអានឲ្យបានច្រើនដូចដែល Fildele ធ្វើនៅទីនេះ ។
    អរគុណដែលបានចែករំលែក ។


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